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A Demi-human experiment discovered by Kundun's forces. A relentless killing machine used by Kundun's forces. She was controlled to kill traitors.

With her human-like emotions being awakened, she later discovers that she assassinated her own mother. She escaped from the grasp of Kundun. Now, away from Kundun she now seeks vengeance to assasinate Kundun.

  • Level Cap increase to 1,200
  • New Master Weapon: Excellent Blue Eye Weapon
Once Peria became the location of a ferocious battle, the people of Kanturu escaped Peria and once again headed to Tarkan. They evaded Kundun and his army of monsters and settled deep within the Scorched Canyon located in the outskirts of Kanturu. They created the Kanturu Slums and sent a courier to their allies in Arca, letting them know of their current situation as they awaited for the perfect time to strike back in vengeance against Kundun and his forces.