Dark Knight's Awakening
Dark Knight will receive new skills and gameplay improvements. Choose from 2 types of playing styles.
1. Fury Knight
Pros : Focus on attack
Weapons used : Sword
2. Belief Knight
Pros : Emphasis on support and protection
Weapons used : Sword + Shield
MU Season 15 Part 2
The New Guardian Mount
The new guardian mount, Ice Dragon, is upgraded from Phantasmal Steed with stronger stats. It comes in two styles. If you are lucky, there will be a chance to get special colors that are different and cooler than others.
MU Season 15 Part 2 - Ice Dragon
MU Season 15 Part 2 - Ice Dragon Rare
MU Season 15 Part 2
New Features
Welcome to MU Season 15 Part 2! Choose your path, soar high on your new mount, and experience awesome new features along with new items.
MU Season 15 Part 2 - Level Cap 1250
MU Season 15 Part 2 -
MU Season 15 Part 2 -
MU Season 15 Part 2 -
MU Season 15 Part 2 -
Crimson Flame's Icarus
You must be Lv 1100 and up to enter!
The Scholars of Mediah were studying the Sky City of Icarus when they discovered this massive chasm that existed beneath Icarus. The place is covered with a crimson atmosphere that emits an evil aura.
Crimson Flame's Icarus is a deathtrap waiting to be explored by the brave warriors from the continent of MU.
Updated UI
More additions:
Swtich UI Classic or Modern
Improved Personal Shop
Dividing items is easier than ever
MU Helper and revamped party system